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1. Hmm – this looks worrying. Doris’ photographs


My name is Chris and this was the first post of the WDEOD blog. I set it up to share photographs taken by Miss Doris Shipway during her 50+ years of travelling.

I chose the title and must point out that the person worried was me, not Doris. She is pictured below looking without a care.

The photograph is obviously a Christmas dinner. I just used it as a test post.


This post was created in November 2017. WordPress have assigned it No 37. Thirty six previous poor attempts then!

Today, in June 2018, as the sun refused to warm up the paddling pool, I’m attempting to satisfy the SEO plugin and make its little traffic light turn from Red to Green – or at least Amber.

The SEO wants me to write 300 or so relevant words.

It was my wife who knew Doris. I often drove Mrs Wdeod to the care home and later hospital but I never met her. We had pondered a trip to Dulwich College where they displayed Shackleton’s boat, but it did not come to anything.

I have, however, stood in this room.

I assume it was ten past three on Christmas Day afternoon  and that they (she and her brother who lived in the house) were listening to The Queen on the radio. It could be Boxing Day of course.

There is no date on the slide but I believe it is from the early to mid 1960s. Between the 1950s and 1984 Doris used Kodak film, but the mount on this is from Agfa. The slide is orange

Wine was a rarity in English houses in the 60s. I cannot remember my parents having anything else than beer (quart bottles of Courage Pale Ale), but in the 70s the drinks cupboard would have a sweet sherry bottle, a Dubonnet one, an advocaat (same one probably all through the decade) and some whisky that someone had bought as a festive gift or thank you.

Anyway, Cheers Doris!

Doris one Christmas - WDEOD
Doris one Christmas

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