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2. Greece 1963 – Athens (Agfa)

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Its purpose is to share the shots she took in her 50+ years of travel. I’m trying to do a post a film – so one tour may have many posts.
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This page contains photographs of Athens from the collection of Doris Shipway.

Doris visited Greece a number of times – see the index here.

In a 2002 journal (Crimea) Doris chronicled her trips from 1949 to 2002.

For 1963 she has “Greece  Holy Land  Lebanon/Syria/Jordan” It is not apparent if it was one, two or three trips.

For post 1964 slides the mount usually had a number (directly relating to the shot taken) and a processing date (usually very soon after the trip).

For these unfortunately there is no date so the assumption is 1963 as opposed to a later noted trip in 1967.

I screwed this post up when rearranging the media. Recently I’ve been using Envira Gallery to allow people to see the original captions rather than having to replicate them. The following are the previous attempts to annotate (you will have to assign the comment to the picture yourself)

  1. This is the Academy of Athens
  2. An Athenian shop. I’ve assumed that the man is the proud owner and his daughter.
    I’m probably dramatically wrong.
  3. The Stoa of Attalo which sits in the Agora of Athens.It looks new,  because it was. It under ten years old at the time of the shot.Wiki has: “The current building was reconstructed in 1952–1956  by American architects along with the Greek architect Ioannis Travlos and the Greek Civil Engineer Yeoryios Biris.”
  4. Still in the Agora
  5. A young explorer (who would now be aged mid 50s)
  6. I’m assuming this is in the Stoa. I debated as to whether I should include this picture until I noticed the little boy photobombing the shot.It must have been March / April judging by the people either in coats or shorts and tops.

13. View up to the Parthenon.

16. This one is actually outside the set but has ‘Athens’ written on it.

All the slides were AGFA and have orange mounts. Doris tended to use Kodak / Ektachrome so it may be that these are slides she took on from her
travelling companion.

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