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My name is Chris and I took hardly any of the photographs you will see in this site!

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Purpose of the site

The purpose of WDEOD is to share photographs taken by a friend of my wife.

I’m also using it to reach out to cousins through adding huge pdfs, the result of stealing other’s work painstaking research. The link for that is Family History Section

Doris Shipway (1918 – 2014) enjoyed travelling and photographing her trips. She employed Pentax or Nikon cameras and lenses and used quality slide films. I personally think she had ‘an eye for good shot.’

Me, some time ago. I still have a beard.
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When she died, she left about 50 year’s worth of slides and also various related documents. These all were destined for a skip, so we agreed to find a home for them.

Our idea was to give them immediately to a society or museum, but initial inquiries did not find anyone willing to have them.

I therefore decided to organise, scan and publish them myself.

A couple of years, and scanners, later, I have ~30,000 photo files, little yellow Kodak and green Fujifilm boxes everywhere and a wardrobe full of slides that my wife would much rather house her winter wear.

I’ve added this plugin to some pages. It does not seem to display the smaller countries and states unfortunately, so I’ll keep the menus up there going, especially for Hong Kong, Macau and the Vatican. I did think The Gambia was missing too – but for some reason I was looking for it near the Congo. Idiot me.

One of the things I look forward to when posting sets of slides is making another country red (in the plugin, not politically). So far there are photographs from 71 of the  217 countries recognised by the map. That is 32.72% according to the plugin
However Doris kept travelling until she was in her 80s and more will ruddify.

Sharing the photographs

If you want to share any shots on Social Media, be my guest, but please mention that the photographer was Doris Shipway and link in WDEOD.COM.

If you want to use any commercially – please contact me first.

How to use this site.

If you see ≡ that is the Menu and opens these options:-

PLACES MENU – Wander around continents then countries. All from there should be displayed as you scroll down.

YEAR MENU – Or do it by the year the shot was taken.

SEARCH – Or even type in the place you are looking for.

CATEGORIES and TAGS – Categories are mostly the same as Places. Tags may prove helpful, but only if I put them in right.

Feel free to comment, especially to provide labels.

Enjoy responsibly!